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More and more people are turning to healthy diets nowdays due to growing interest in maintaining health and in the healing quality of healthy nutrition and preferably vegetarian dishes.This interest in healthy diet is present throughout the world.

Introducing Books

Source of Happiness
Author: Dr. Mana Palizi
Publications:     Behjat 

Full Health
By:  Dr.Rouhangiz Golbidi,  Bozorgmehr  Golbidi

about us home

About Us

The Banyan tree Resturant has been working on healthy recipes since 2010 and has come up with a wide selection of delicious and exciting healthy
vegetarian, vegan foods for those who care for the wellbeing  of themselves  and their loved ones. We are food from the future.
Our restaurant covers a wide range of healthy dishes for those who wish to take good care of themselves and enjoy eating tasty and healthy foods.
We offer food which are non frozen, no preservative, no canned food, freshly produced and mostly grilled.
We only use whole grain products such as brown rice, brown bread, whole grain pastas and natural drinks which are sweetened with brown sugar only.
All our pastries are home made with whole grain flour and brown sugar for a healthier choice.
The banyan tree Resturant does also have a healthy fast food which has quite a wide range of healthy foods ready to go.
All the recipes have been created by Bozorgmehr Golbidi and Mana Palizi who are the founders of food from the future in the Banyan tree restaurant, coffee shop and fast food.