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Wholesome dietary plan for weight balance and peace

of mind through adjusting the hormonal system

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What is the benefit of this kind of nutrition? Banian BALANCE2

No starvation diet plan

If we really care about the well being of our self, loved ones and the whole human race, this is the time do break free from old eating habits. In this way we would be able to experience healthy lasting benefits and prevent the appearance of many diseases such as cancer, high clostrol, obesity, gout, depression  and many more.
By changing our eating habits to a wholesome healthy diet plan, we can increase our energy level and reach weight balance.

Water Lily Nutrition Package

Water lily nutrition packages are only available on request for daily, weekly and monthly plans which helps adjust the cortisol hormone and metabolism.

We can restore hormonal balance and lose weeight by eating the right foods at the right time and in the right combinations to optimize our fat- burning  hormones, combing these steps with moderate exercise, is the secret to success!
This dietary method includes the most scrumptious  wholesome meals by taking into account all kinds of proteins, useful carbohydrates, fats, calcium  vitamins and  menerals.
Our packages include: breakfast, lunch, snaks, in between meals, desserts, beverges and dinner.
All foods are freshly produced by considering the highest health standards, without using canned or frozen food products, only grilled or oven baked. We use only fresh vegetables, whole grain products such as brown rice, suger, flour, pasta and bread.
The above are the main ingredients in our Water lily nutrition packages.